Early Spring Update from Deck Family Farm

We've had some unseasonably nice weather recently - warm days, little rain.  This has given us a chance to clean out some barns, start our grazing season, and get some chicks started!

Nine hundred cute chicks arrived today!  These will be laying eggs starting this October.  The breeds include Auracanas, Black Australorps, and Brown Leghorn.

We've been deep-bedding our cows over the winter and when weather permits, we clean out the runs, pushing the manure & straw into a pile.  From there, we run it through our manure spreader, mixing the manure & straw together, heating it up, and creating a product that spreads easier on our fields and holds the nutrients together better as well.

Check out our sheep flock enjoying a newly renovated field.  The pasture mix contains a mix of early and later season grasses and clovers including: Brutus Tall Fescue, Subclover, Persian Clover, Annual and Perrenial Ryegrass, Orchard grass, and Plaintain.  This particular mix was chosen for this particular site, which is non-irrigated and requiring more deeply rooted plants than what was established at this previously.    This gives us a forage that stays greener longer into our hot-dry summer.  These animals were moved onto this field on March 12, 2015.