Cat behaviour

2 nights ago we setup our new brooders and placed some fancy wire tops on the back of the brooder to let in natural light and air.  We woke the next morning to find one of the tops pulled off and some chicks missing.  To fix the problem we placed two 16' long 4x4 posts on the wire lids.  Assuming the culprit would return to the scene of the crime, we placed a motion-sensing infrared camera in the brooder area to see if we could determine who was responsible. What we found was our cat Chorcy, pictured below:

In fact, the surveillance camera took a total of 131 images of Chorcy during the hours of from 11:03pm to 6:51am.    Chorcy visited 9 times during this period staying for 2-4 minute intervals.    The following was his schedule:

Time Minutes Visited
11:03:00 PM 2
11:19:00 PM 2
11:25:00 PM 2
12:21:00 AM 4
1:52:00 AM 3
4:12:00 AM 2
4:32:00 AM 2
4:53:00 AM 4
6:51:00 AM 1
Glad to say the 4x4 posts have done their work and the chicks are safe and sound.  Also, we have a sense of the persistence displayed by a common house-cat.