One choice at a time

Last night Christine and I were talking about how we, as humans, in this day and age, use our time.  So much of what we do centers around the "manufactured" and "processed" - tv shows, processed food, paying mortgages on houses constructed with manufactured products, driving to work, driving to entertain ourselves.  The real tragedy here is for our children and our environment.  The environment suffers due to the by-products of consumption - exhaust, and depletion of natural resources.  Children suffer from being educated in a vacuum - learning theory in schools but, in general, minus a feeling that they are really needed by their family and community.  When people have something to care for, to live for, there comes a purpose in life.

I heard a quote a long time ago from someone who asked a teacher accusingly, "Do you think a women's place in the home?", to which he replied, "Yes, certainly! and so is a man's".  We so often forget about home-based food production, learning, and building.  However, when we talk about what really matters to us, its the simple things, and the things we find in the home that truly matter.   This is contrary to what we spend most of our time doing-- running around, driving, and working all hours.  We're a long way from where we really want to be, but in the meantime, we'll continue making choices one step at a time... do we eat out or cook a meal at home?  do we stay up watching a movie or do we get up early on a Saturday to clean the house to make it a friendlier place?  At any rate, i think these choices about where we spend our time and focus our energy is really the way to work for peace for all humans, slowly change our military-industrial society, and change the world... one person at a time, one choice at a time.