2012 Farm Photos

Photos say it all.  We had a great year in 2012 and following are some of my favorites from the farm ...

Farrowing and piglets took off in 2012.

Elie, Elia, and Ella graced us with their beauty this summer :)

Late summer grazing with the land-ark egg palaces and beef herd in the back-ground.

Sunflowers were a big hit during their bloom. The sunflower seeds were cut and fed to our chickens in the fall.

Dog culture is alive and well.  Bear on the left looks on while Lucy and Salim discuss rodent chasing tactics.

Here is the farm staff for a group photo, from left to right: Maria, Lucy the dog, Brigid, Stacy, Tenzin, RJ, Ella, Alex Eddy, Shanti, Chris, John, Chelsea, Matt, and Raul.