A Delicious New Addition

Meet your Meat: Deck Family Farm’s new Artisan Series

We are pleased to introduce you to our newest lineup of hand-crafted meat products designed especially for Deck Family Farm by local artisan chef Brad Burnheimer of Burnheimer Meat Co. (BMC).

Brad has taken his passion for locally-sourced, high-quality meats and created our Artisan Series of fresh sausages and patés along with cured salami, whole muscles, bacons and more. Please join us as we explore the parameters of the palate with these, small-batch delights. We are working together to produce the best locally sourced (from forage to finish) meat products available.

We strive for simple elegance—embracing traditional flavors that let the meat speak for itself. As with all forms of artistry it is a balance and the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, please try these products and let us know how what you think. We appreciate your patience while we wait for our Salami and Coppa to finish curing, and as we develop our packaging and labeling. It will be worth the wait.

--What’s currently available--

-Fresh Breakfast Sausage: A simple classic. Use it to enhance your favorite breakfast or brunch. $15/lb

-Toulouse Sausage: Robust, lively and piquant. This sausage has become an instant family favorite. $15/lb

-Tesa Bacon: Italian style, as beautiful as it is delicious. “It’s like bacon for grown-ups,” Chris Hansen, Mosaic Farms. $15/lb

-Liverwurst: Those who know, know. Those who don’t, have only to try this smooth, rich and deeply satisfying snack. Spread it on crackers or toast as a delicious crowd pleaser. $8/lb

-Country Paté: Hearty, yet delicate. Savor each bite of this sweet buttery treat, try it with your favorite hard cheese and wine for a perfect picnic. $12/lb

Ingredients: Fresh Heritage Breed Pastured Pork (including heart and liver in Paté and Liverwurst), (Red Wine in Toulouse, Bacon, and Paté), Salt, Curing Salt, (Black Pepper in Toulouse and Paté), (Sugar in Breakfast Sausage), and Spices.

--What we’re looking forward to--

-Dry-cured Salami, Canadian Bacon, Pancetta, Coppa, Speck, Turkey Sausages, Rillettes, and more. The meat will be our guide, and the possibilities are limitless. Let us know what you’d like to see.

--About Brad--

Brad Burnheimer is the sous chef  at Gathering Together Farm in Philomath, Oregon. Working under head chef JC Mersman, Burnheimer has learned and developed a passion for charcuterie, sausages and all things meat. Burnheimer’s focus on fresh, quality farm products, and his desire to constantly evolve as a chef, translates to simple products filled with richness, depth and brightness.

This year, Burnheimer begins offering fresh sausage and other meats for sale through his business, Burnheimer Meat Company. “We eat for nourishment and for enjoyment. I want people to know that the meals they’re eating are prepared with attention and respect both toward the food, and toward our shared community.”

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