This is an unusual place...

At a time when Big Ag is trying to outlaw photographing any step of the process of getting meat from the animal to your mouth, it is awesome how open and public the Decks are with their operation. When I'm out there I frequently take pictures to send to my family and friends or just to share with the world at large.

Snow at sunrise, right as I arrived on the farm.

Deck Family Farm has nothing to hide. Because they strive to farm responsibly, there are no dirty little secrets on their farm. They are welcoming of visitors and are more than happy to show off the operation.

And it is worth showing off. The animals are all living as you would expect animals to live. Outside, moving around, being lazy, being playful, mostly just eating, it's hard to imagine a place where they could really be happier. A couple of days ago, the pigs were running around in the sunshine. They too seemed to enjoy the rare sunny weather this time of year. They are so floppy!

The goats surprised me too. I'm used to seeing goats in petting zoos or at the fair. They are always stinky and kind of dirty. These goats are beautiful. I was pleased by how soft and clean their fur looked.

When they saw me approach, they all came clodding
into their feeding structure. They must be the easiest
creatures to herd, they'll follow you anywhere.

I enjoy working for Deck Family Farm because I can respect the entire endeavor. I am proud of the work we do at the farm and the impact it has locally.

-- Ryan

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