Stewing Hens Are Here!

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Our Laying Hen flock has been evolving for the past 3 years and we just processed 260 of our older hens that had stopped laying. These "stewing hens" are full of flavor and make some great soups, shredded chicken, good for stir-frys and salads as well. We're selling these birds for $3.50/lb starting the weekend of Nov 5/6 at all of our markets. They are about 3 lbs per bird.

Some cooking ideas for these stewing hens:

Chicken and Dumplings
Coq au Vin (if you're feeling elaborate!)
Bryan Horton's Basic Stew Hens
Basic Stewing Hen Recipe from

Finally, there is chicken broth & chicken & rice. I'm going to send this post to my loving Mother, and hopefully she replies with a comment on how to make our famous leftover Turkey or chicken & rice recipe! I want to also dedicate this post to our kids, who spent nearly every day for the past 2 years collecting eggs from this special flock.