Turnbow CREP Project Near Completion

-3 years planning
-6 acres
-1200 trees
-7000 feet of fenceline
-12000 feet of pipeline
-5000 gallons water storage capacity

This project will protect 3500' of Turnbow Creek (a tributary to the Long Tom River) from grazing animals, provide wildlife habitat, enable us to better graze our animals, and provide a foundation for our nutrient management program. Thanks to the Farm Service Agency, Long Tom Watershed Counsel, and the Natural Resource Conservation Service. Also, this happened because of the intrepid efforts of Mike Mahn, Josh Tokich, Stacy Thompson, Shaun Plowman, Allie Maggio, and the Deck Kids. Unfortunately we don't have pictures of the tractor stuck in the mud (twice), a black eye by a wayward wire (Stacy), post pounding in a flood (Josh), stringing wire in another flood (Stacy), and agonizing over government bureaucracy (John).