Organic Certification In June!

Several months ago, we finally submitted our organic certification paperwork. This is something we have been intending to do for some time, but have not had the time. At any rate, we had our inspection last week and are sending in the last bit of paperwork this week. We will receive our notification at the end of June and then you will be able to see products labelled "Deck Family Farm, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic".

Our first products for certification will be Beef, Chicken, and Turkeys. The dairy, pork, lamb, & goats will be next year and are considered "transitional". Probably the most difficult to certify for us will be the Pork since everything they eat needs organic certification paperwork, including: all leftover compost from the household, hazelnuts we have sourced from local farms, and leftover milled bread (even if it has organic ingredients, it needs to be a certified organic product in and of itself). This is a big task to track all of this but we remain optimistic that this is pushing our food industry as a whole in a positive direction.

Looking forward to it!