What is our cultural heritage?

The new farm economy relies on oil, investment banks, and speculation. A foundation of mono-culture, literally interpreted science driving progress in the 1000 horse-power tractor. Fantasy vacations and lives of comfort and ease are the fruits of this marvel of technology and science.

The old farm economy works on sweat, sun, and hope. So many intangibles weaving together life, ancestors, and children. So much hardship, worn and fatigued but proud ownership of a way of life.

Founded as a nation of independent farmers, what is our cultural heritage? High Schoolers know about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle but they don't have the stamina to work for a morning in the sun. Calculus is taught to strapping youth, but how many know how to plow a field?

Caught in a sea of insanity that has swept our nation in the recent past, we search for meaning in our lives. Perhaps it was there all along.