Dairy Improvements

Back in the Spring we created year-long dairy cow shares to help pay for some Dairy Improvements. The core of these improvements were to:

1) Create a space adjacent to the dairy processing house to milk the cows including creating a water-cooled tank to chill milk during milking time.
2) Bring improved power to the dairy processing house to run the milk pump
3) Provide better drainage.

We've brought new power lines in and have installed drainage (in the form of a 6" pipe that collects the water-cooling water, wash water, and roof-runoff). A future project is installation of a holding tank and irrigation pump to distribute water on the fields. The photos below show the current state of the dairy-- we're just waiting for the rains to pass so we can pour the concrete, and then we can start milking in our new facility!

The Dairy processing house needs a new door!

This is the run-up to the milking parlor. We will be building an awning going from the barn on the right to cover, the millking area. The poles on the right are the run-up to where we will be putting in place our scale.

The metal poles are where the stanchions will go to hold the cows in place while we milk.