We've been working on getting more laying hens going and needed improved living quarters for our girls.

Shown here is our new deluxe mobile hen-house. It was constructed from a vintage 1950's discarded trailer, old plywood for nest-boxes, tarps, 3/4" electrical metal tubing (EMT), chicken wire, 1x1 welded wire for the floor, and corner braces from Creative Awnings. The total cost for this ran about $300. Most of the cost for this house was for the EMT and chicken wire. We still need to enclose the ends and make a door for the hens.

In the foreground is electric netting from Premier. Cost for 1 roll of this is $130 (expensive stuff but it works great). Once the hens get acclimated to their new digs, we'll remove the electric netting and they will only wander about 150' from their home.